The Watch That Never Stops, Wherever You Are.

Eco-Drive is designed to convert both natural and artificial light into energy to power the watch.
Watches with Eco-Drive do not require any battery replacement, charging, or winding to maintain constant operation.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T
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Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T
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Chandler Ladies Swarovski® Crystal  Eco-Drive
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Easy to Charge Even in Dim Light

Eco-Drive is designed so that any light source, no matter how dim, will generate the energy needed to power the watch. Light itself is the only energy source required to tell the time with an Eco-Drive watch.

Darkness is Not a Concern

One of the factors that distinguishes CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology from other methods of keeping watches running at all times is its “power life.”
Most Eco-Drive watches continue to function for more than six months on a full charge, even in total darkness. Thanks to our power saving function, CITIZEN makes it possible to develop watches that can operate for up to seven years without light.


What is an Eco-Drive Solar Cell?

The Eco-Drive watches use a micron-thin disc of amorphous silicon that converts light energy into electrical energy, beneath the dial. This electrical energy is stored in a rechargeable battery.

What kind of battery is used in an Eco-Drive watch?

A titanium lithium ion battery. Unlike ordinary silver oxide batteries, the Eco-Drive battery does not need to be replaced because it continually recharges. With none of the caustic chemicals used in ordinary batteries, our Eco-Drive watch batteries are better for our environmental.

How long will the Eco-Drive battery last?

Our batteries will last for the lifetime of use. The factory engineers project that even after 20 years, each battery will still retain 80% of its ability to be recharged.

How do I recharge my watch in a safe manner?

Exposing your watch to ambient light on a daily basis is sufficient to keep it charged. If your watch displays the insufficient charge indicator, it can be safely charged by exposing it to a light source, with the dial (face) up. When charging your watch with an incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, or other light source make sure to place the watch at least 50cm away to prevent the watch from reaching a high temperature.

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