Jewellery Loss

  • From the discovery of a missing diamond in a ring to the theft of all your jewellery
  • Gold Star  is able to expertly assess your jewellery loss.
  • If you are looking for a jeweller to provide a quote to your insurance company, please contact us.
  • We understand the delicate balance between your own needs and the insurance company.

The Process

  • Speaking to you, the jewellery owner is very important to the evaluation of your loss.
  • We like to learn as much as we can about your jewellery in order to help you with your jewellery claim.
  • It is best to meet in person as we find it harder to interpret descriptions over the telephone.
  • If you have any documents such as receipts, photos or jewellery appraisals, please bring them along.
  • This helps us establish a more accurate replacement cost.
  • We prefer to work by appointment in order to set aside the proper amount of time for the visit.

Once the evaluation of your loss is complete , we will send the information directly to your insurance company. How the claim is settled is between you and your insurer. If you choose to repair or replace your jewellery with us, we would be pleased to demonstrate our excellent service and quality of products.
-Gold Star Jewellers


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