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"Magnificent" Maple Leaf™ Diamond Band
Make the moment you ask for her hand that much more magical with this exquisite Maple Leaf™ Canadian diamond anniversary ring. Expertly crafted in 18Kt PureWhite™ gold, this band showcases 60 all Maple leaf™ round brilliant cut diamonds in a sparkling embrace.

  • Set with 60 Full Cut Canadian Maple leaf™ Diamonds.

  • Grade : VVS-2

  • Colour: F-G

  • Total Diamond weight 3.00cts

  • Weight of Ring: 12.80 Grams/ 18kt PureWhite ™

           Each Maple Leaf ™ Diamond Includes

  • Each Maple Leaf Diamond™ is laser engraved with a unique tracking number.

  • A CanadaMark™ certificate of origin guaranteeing the diamond was mined in Canada, is natural and untreated.

  • A Maple Leaf Diamond™ certificate of origin guaranteeing compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.

  • Is set in Canadian Certified Gold™ that is mined and refined in Canada. Appraisal included

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The most beautiful  diamonds deserve the most perfect settings, and that’s why we have chosen 18Kt PureWhite™ Gold bands for all of our Maple Leaf Diamonds engagement rings. PureWhite ™is a new and unique form of white gold which uses palladium, part of the platinum group of metals, as a whitening alloy. Pure White™ gold  has a bright white finish, its high palladium content making it highly wearable and more durable, which means stronger settings and greater scratch resistance.

Maple Leaf™ Diamonds originate from one of two diamond mines in Canada’s breathtaking North West territories. Located in a remote Arctic tundra region 200 km south of the Arctic Circle, the Ekati and Diavik diamond mines are only accessible by air, except during a three-month period in winter, when a 400 km ice-road allows access to the site. Formed over three billion years ago, Canada’s magnificent gems were once buried under fields of ice 3000m thick. Emerging as beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures, only select Canadian rough crystals which demonstrate exacting standards of colour, clarity and symmetry are chosen to become Maple Leaf™ Diamonds.