40-70% Off !  Off What?
Don't Fall For it !

Is there such a thing as a true discount? Yes there is, but as a smart consumer be aware!. It could be that a regular price is so inflated to make you think you're getting a bargain. One stores , 40, 50, or 70% "Off" could be the same as another store's everyday  price!.
We won’t play that game! Deceptive advertising is not what we are about.
 We sell quality Jewellery, ethically mined diamonds, and Lab Eco-friendly diamonds. Our jewellery is manufactured in Canada with the highest standards.
Please shop around and compare the quality of your purchase not just the price and discount.

 We built our reputation on fair  pricing, a large selection, and personal one on one customer service. We have been serving our clients in the Delta/Surrey and lower mainland area for over 35 years.
Gold Star Jewellers specializes in Custom designs, all custom work and jewellery repairs are done on the premises in our in-house studio.

       We are a browser friendly store. We do not have commission sales people and never pressure our customers, our selection, quality, and pricing speak for itself.
Feel free to browse our site , if you have any questions,
email, call, or come by our location at Scottsdale Centre.

 Thank You !, for recognizing our quality, value, service, and voting us again #1 Independent Jeweller.