Bezel set Diamondlite CZ necklace

Bezel set Diamondlite CZ necklace

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  • Bezel set Diamondlite CZ necklace with milgrain accents
  • Sterling Silver. 18" length

A distinguished line of silver jewellery designed with you and your lifestyle in mind! Reign is a line of quality every day silver jewellery that combines both luxury and prestige for the budget conscious in mind. Each piece of Reign Silver Jewellery has been rhodium plated to allow for maximum long term shine and sparkle.

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The Reign Jewellery Collection is lovingly crafted from only 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece understands modern elegance and delivers luxury without being pretentious. The collection reigns in sensuality, simplicity and subtlety. Each Reign Jewellery Collection piece is finished with a layer of palladium and a layer of rhodium. This double combination promotes shine and durability, with hypoallergenic materials that resist tarnishing.

 PALLADIUM is a soft silver-white metal that resembles platinum.
 RHODIUM is a precious white metal, is used to give the jewellery a white colour. All pieces within the Reign jewellery collection have been designed and manufactured with the utmost care. Shine brightly with sterling silver rings, pendants and earrings that have been expertly dipped in rhodium, 18kt yellow gold, or 18kt rose gold.