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Gold Star's custom design experts can evaluate your old broken jewellery and reusable stones to help you use these items in the creation of something wonderful and new. Bring in your old, unworn, broken jewellery, for a free consultation.


Jewellery Redesign

Do you have jewellery you hardly wear? Perhaps you inherited a piece that is not your style. Maybe you have jewellery from a previous relationship and would like to change it. We have the ideas and would be happy to redesign your old jewellery to suit your tastes. We will credit you for your old gold. Come see us today for a free consultation

  • Reset, Recycle, Re-purpose your old Jewellery.

  • Custom designs are one of the cornerstones of our business.

  • One-of-a-Kind Original Designs.

  • New Setting, Same Gold, Same Diamonds.

  • Large selection of loose Gemstones & Diamonds.

  • Affordable prices go hand in hand with the elegance and quality of our unique handcrafted jewellery.


Concept to Creation

           Do you have an Idea?

  • Gather together any sketches,  pictures or old jewellery and book an appointment  with Fofi, Designer/Owner-  for a Free personal consultation at our Delta location. There is no cost for a design consultation.

  • CAD Design programming that constructs a rough pencil sketch or a picture into a three-dimensional image, which create a rendering for your approval.

  • Wax Sample Creation - Try-on-the-Wax

  • Choose the colour of gold.

  • Cast in your chosen fabrication in, 10k, 14k,or 18k white or yellow gold.

  • Stone Setting & Polishing.


Contact us below for any custom Inquiries↴


Below are a few of the thousands of custom designed items we have created over the past years. ↴

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In-House Jewellery Repair Services

 "We repair it right the First Time". Our workmanship is our reference.

Some of the jewellery repair services we offer:

  • Ring Sizing- up or down any karat of Gold/ or Silver

  • Reinforcing Shanks

  • Claws/prongs tightening or Re-Tipping

  • Chain/Bracelet – Soldering & Sizing

  • Ring Rhodium Plating

  • Loose Stone/Gems – Replace, Tighten

  • Appraisals

  • Restoring Heirloom Jewellery

  • Pearl Re-Stringing

  • laser solder eyeglasses and Jewellery

  • Logo-Corporate Jewellery

  • Performed In-house in our Workshop


Click The Button Below⤵ for your repair inquiry

Watch battery Replacement and Bracelet adjustments while you wait.


Watch Repair Services

  • Mechanical-to-Quartz Conversions

  • Automatics

  • Quartz Watches

  • Pocket Watches

  • Replacement of Parts

  • Crystal Replacement

  • Watch bands \ Pins

  • Stem and Crown Replacement

  • Battery Replacement

  • Watch Bracelet Adjustments

  • Cleaning & Overhaul

All  Cleaning/ Overhaul repairs are completed by our Local Certified Watchmaker, and include a 6 month warranty.



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More frustrating than being unable to wear your $400 eyeglasses, is being told by your optician:
Your $400 broken eyeglasses can’t be fixed and they are beyond repair.
You should spend another $400. You must undergo their mandatory eye exam, and you have 3 weeks of wearing your broken $400 pair of prescription eyeglasses held together by duct tape while you wait for your new pair!

While your optician could be more interested in selling new eyeglass frames than providing a much needed repair service, it is more likely that they are ignorant of the latest in eyeglass frame repair using laser welding technology. A decade or so ago your optician was somewhat correct when they told you there was no hope for repairing eyeglass frames. Today this is simply not true. Laser welding technology has enabled the successful repair of all types of metals including exotic alloys.

Laser welder, for eyeglasses and fine jewellery repairs.

Laser welder, for eyeglasses and fine jewellery repairs.

These are the steps taken when repairing your broken glasses.

1. Assess & Estimate - What it will take to fix my glasses?

When you visit our store for the repair of your busted eyeglasses we will assess what work needs to be completed. Often we find that when a pair of glasses has broken in one location, other additional fractures have occurred but are not immediately noticed.

We will inspect your eyeglasses to assess the extent of the damage so that our repair estimate can be as accurate as possible. Once we know what repairs are required, we will provide you with an estimate for the cost of the repair.

2. Repair - How do my eyeglasses get fixed?

The laser repair is executed using various techniques and materials to reinforce the break, ensuring that the repair is as invisible as possible.

4. Cleaning

We perform a cleaning on your eyeglass frames. When possible and appropriate the glasses are given an ultrasonic clean.

5. Repair of sunglasses and other types of optical frames.

The repair of sunglasses is no different to the repair of regular spectacles. Providing the break in your frames is in metal, we should be able to repair them. Our technician uses techniques that isolate the lenses from damage during the welding process. You can be sure that your sunglasses lenses are not effected during the repair.

As we are able to repair ANY METAL PART of eyeglasses we are able to provide repair services to any type of eye wear including: Titanium, stainless steel, and other exotic alloys.

How visible will the repair be?

The visibility of a laser repair will depend on a few variables. The repair is highly localized to the area of the break. If the break occurred in a inconspicuous small area, it will not be noticeable except by the closest scrutiny. The color of the final repair is typically grayish or silverish in tone. Consequently, you can expect that frames with a neutral gray/silver coloration will be very difficult to see. Specialty colors and tones may contrast more and be more visible. Unfortunately, we are unable to restore the original plating of your eyeglasses.

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Jewellery Loss

  • From the discovery of a missing diamond in a ring to the theft of all your beloved pieces, Gold Star is able to expertly assess your jewellery loss with over 50 years of experience behind us.

  • If you are looking for a jeweller to provide a quote to your insurance company, please contact us.

  • We understand the delicate balance between your own needs and the insurance company.

The Process

  • Speaking to you, the jewellery owner is very important to the evaluation of your loss.

  • We like to learn as much as we can about your jewellery in order to help you with your jewellery claim. It is best to meet in person as we find it harder to interpret descriptions over the telephone.

  • If you have any documents such as receipts, photos or jewellery appraisals, please bring them along. This helps us establish a more accurate replacement cost.

  • We prefer to work by appointment in order to set aside the proper amount of time for your visit.

  • We work with several of the largest insurance companies, liaising directly with adjusters to help solve every problem that may come up during the process with experienced claims experts at our location. Our goal is to provide you with a fair replacement value for your cherished jewellery pieces that you have acquired over time.

  • If your distinctive piece needs to be custom made, our Custom Design Services offers In-house design and custom services. 

  • We have created Thousands of designs over the years through quality and craftsmanship. o understand the custom make process and see examples of our work, please click on this link Custom Designs


Once the evaluation of your loss is complete , we will send the information directly to your insurance company. How the claim is settled is between you and your insurer.
If you choose to replace your jewellery with us, we would be pleased to demonstrate our excellent service and quality of products.
-Gold Star Jewellers


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